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About us

I-Tel is a dynamically growing market leader in building security technologies, with a wealth of experience and a total commitment to providing innovative and comprehensive solutions. We are committed to the principle of an individual approach to each client, which guarantees a service tailored to unique requirements. Our many years of experience, commitment and use of reliable systems are the key pillars of I-tel . We guarantee that our service the entire investment will be completed at the highest level. We look forward to doing business with you!

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Lider na rynku technologii bezpieczeństwa

Why us?

We are committed to
ensuring total safety

We guarantee the professional protection of a wide variety of buildings and the safety of their occupants, using advanced, functional, environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions. This mission is a priority for us, which we carry out with full commitment.

Many years of

Our long-standing experience translates into an established market confidence. We have gained recognition for our integrity in conducting business and our consistent focus on delivering products of the highest quality and a wide range of capabilities.

A diverse offer
tailored to your needs

Our diverse offer is tailored to individual needs. We offer services that open up unlimited possibilities for creating personalised alarm, access control and monitoring systems, meeting the unique requirements of each user.


We have won the trust of many clients thanks to our concern for the quality and functionality of the proposed solutions. We have a circle of satisfied contractors, which you can also join.

Dostawca rozwiązań

Dostawca rozwiązań

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