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We provide comprehensive support at every stage of the investment. Our services include planning, consultancy at the stage of investment, design and execution. We specialise in the areas of CCTV monitoring, KD access control, smart door locks, Lockers, key dispatchers, perimeter protection, SSP fire alarm systems, DSO voice evacuation systems. Thanks to our wide range of products and solutions, we are able to adapt to different investment needs.

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at every stage of the project

Broad offer

Our consultancy team are experts who guide you through every stage of your project, providing support to designers, investors, contractors and supervisors. We accomplish this by:

  • audits and consultancy: We initiate the process with a meticulous analysis of your needs and investment objectives. This enables our consultancy team to assist in identifying the best solutions, tailored to specific requirements.
  • simulations: Prior to the start of a project, we are able to carry out simulations to see how our solutions will affect a particular investment.
  • construction projects: We create comprehensive construction projects, taking into account all aspects of safety.
  • technical design: Our detailed and precise technical designs guarantee the reliability and efficiency of the systems and optimise the building's operation.
  • as-built projects: Before construction is completed, we continue to be at the client's side, providing as-built designs that ensure continuity of systems and acceptance.
  • services: As part of our after-sales service, we offer services that keep systems in top condition.
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Together we can

be successful

We understand that investors and their teams need to be well prepared. That is why we successfully deliver training in the design and installation of individual systems. We offer both group and individual training to ensure you have the right knowledge and skills.

We are convinced that working together and trusting our expertise will contribute to the success of any investment. We encourage you to take advantage of our services and join the ranks of satisfied clients. Contact us now for details of our offer.